ing in Silver Spring, Maryland, where the hostage-taking took place. Manger, who had earlier refused to confirm the condition of the suspect, said the police took actions because .

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al as he handed over three Black Hawk helicopters worth a total of 64 million dollars to Mexican federal police at a ceremony on Wednesday. "The menace that faces our two nations goe.

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raft are used for the mission. Leaders to attend the summit, slated for May 21-23, include the presidents of Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Colombia as well as top officials from some o.

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lks between the Santos administration and the leftist insurgent group, who initiated peace negotiations in late 2012 to put an end to the five-decade hostilities. Santos blamed th.

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orts and training of Brazilian naval engineers through academic exchanges. Abe, who concludes a swing through Latin America when he leaves Brazil Saturday, also visited Chile, Mex.

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legations from five continents at this commemorative meeting," he added. Bolivia has the capacity not only to host the 133 member states of the G77+China summit, but also to propos .

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ch on Wednesday, declining to endorse Mullen's remarks describing the Haqqani group as a virtual arm of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency, for fear of losing Pakistan'.

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least two occasions passed resolutions prohibiting the hiring of the Chinese labor. The city would also not hire the Chinese employees nor would it patronize businesses that used.

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reached after 43 hours of marathon talks, the world is keeping a close eye on the Korean Peninsula, which is constantly making headlines. In neighboring Japan, a government declin.

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