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December, from 64.6 points a year before, according to the Institute of Applied Economic Research. BRASILIA, March 22 (Xinhua) -- Brazil hopes for most positive outcomes at the up


Relief" will be held in Los Angeles, New York, London and Haiti and will be broadcast on all major and international networks. Starry celebrities from music, film, television, spo.


s over 2.5 billion dollars of revenues each year, and is the second source of income for the national economy, after the export of medical services. VANCOUVER, June 19 (Xinhua) --.


ned Friday afternoon as Governor General David Johnston delivered the Speech from Throne which outlines the ruling Conservative Party's plan for the next four years of majority ru.


on Friday that BP's successful capping of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is "good news," but the problem would not be resolved until relief wells had been completed. British oil gia.

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aine from a ship at the Caribbean port of San Andres Island. The cache was packed in cardboard boxes and hidden in salt inside a container, said the navy, adding that the drugs, w.

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first presented in 1966, is named after British mathematician Alan Mathison Turing, who is seen as the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence. By Matthe.

and 1969," said Allende. "That man assumed with loyalty and responsibility the political leadership of the Senate, the democratic venue par excellence that shelters the diversity .

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