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ll handguns with few exceptions, also saw a sharp reduction in homicide rates. It is no wonder that the United States, with 300 millions guns in circulation, has a murder rate sev


anish- and Portuguese-speaking countries in Europe and Latin America, which together form the Organization of Ibero-American States (known by its Spanish acronym OEI), based in Ma.


liament President Heng Samrin. Samrin conveyed greetings from the Cambodian government to former Cuban leader Fidel Castro and current leader Raul Castro. He also thanked Cuba for .


s said, adding that it was not clear whether they belonged to a gang. The bloodshed occurred amid threats of increased violence in the Central African country, where gang crimes ha.


a bigger raise. "Brazil has a strong recovery (from the international financial crisis). We are evaluating whether it is possible to make the compensation," she said. Rousseff also .

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or more believe a variety of actions designed to help out other countries are at least somewhat important for the United States to do," it added. "But on a relative basis, Americ.

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.S. dollars annually assisting some 53,000 Colombian refugees with health, education and subsidy services. The Colombian refugees arrive in Ecuador to escape from violence and arm.

n between the two countries. Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has said he would like to see the United States and Japan have a more equal relationship, and views reassessing the SOF.

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